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pipes broken and you can have a gas leak. if you smell gas, leave the /tkaors open, don't operate electric switches that will cause a spark. don't use your cell phone. use the cell phone outside or a neighbor's phone to call 911. get everyone out of the building, close the gas valve and forget it. don't open it up again. there is probably a leak and you will have troubles wait for pg and e to test it. what's the most important thing in an emergency? everyday, water. somewhere in front of the house you will see these. san francisco water department. how do you get in here? easy. a long screwdriver or pry bar. pull it this way and the whole thing will lift out. even if it's crusty you can get it out. that's what it looks like. that's brass covered water meter. there it is. how would you tell if water was leaking if the building without going in there? that thing woulding pegged. this guy would be spinning. here's how you shut it on and off. like the gas thing, the valve thing with the square head. there are a couple of ears. you lineup the 2 ears. there is a hole to put a padlock.
of the week you will be putting out a fire with a fire extinguisher. you don't want to learn out to house an extinguisher when they big fire is in front of you. when you turn off your natural gas and water. hazardous materials will be talked about next week. 35-40 percent of you. you will find out that all of you have hazardous material in your home. the third week is disaster medicine. you, going into a room spending 45 seconds on one person into 3 life saving techniques. by the fourth we we will teach you as search and rescuers how to keep yourself safe by identifying safe and none safe building to go into. sometimes objects are too heavy for you to liftoff of a body. we will teach you privying which will use anything you have, wood or cement blocks so you is see that people can lift heavy objects off of people. now, you have to have a plan. every program needs to have a plan. we can't say, here are your skills. class 6, after half an hour we will split you into teams of 10 people each. putting out the fires. you will go into a dark room and doing a search. you will be treating people
for providing a service i hate and i don't want and it takes exactly five seconds. should i support what is extortion by guilt? so the owner decided to get rid of his attendants. as his assistant told "red eye." they will be given another job in the company. sure they will, keith, sure they will. let's go live to "red eye"'s restaurant critic. >> guys, that was a raccoon eight tbraips. that was not -- raccoon eating grapes. that was not a critic. this is obviously another job killing example in obama's america. it is probably indirectly related to the obama-fication of our country. >> taking away flushes, no flush toilets. >> should we be happy these people have jobs? what do you call them? toilet attendants? or angry we have to tip for something. >> they were talking about something five seconds he doesn't enjoy, going to the bathroom? >> getting towels? >> i am not sure. >> just answer one question. don't take this to the dumper. >> i am trying to save it and raise it up a little bit. >> we just started. i am halfway ready to start over again. >> now i have to go to the bathroom. >> i
likes don't be so cruel you're starting to drool ♪ ♪ when the clock ticks down your time will then be gone ♪ ♪ oh, she's my enemy ♪ jumpin' on strangers-- ♪ savin' the money just to make yourself young-- ♪ ♪ 19 whipping under a-- --on the ground ♪ ♪ --twisted ground wondering why we don't-- ♪ ♪ oh, she's my enemy ♪ oh, she's my enemy [music] cool it down. slow it down. breathe. slow it down. get your heart rate down. very good. slow it down. now, we're gonna work the legs. grab your chair. now, we're gonna work the chest. grab your weights. put them up. tight. hands up. and in, out. squeeze it. out. work those pecs. i find it offensive. the things you find... smut. oh. oh god, oh god, oh god, nce. oh, lance, i have something to tell you. oh. oh. you know i've wanted this from the beginning. now, come on, admit it. you wanted me too. oh, but, lance, what about tracy? oh, she's nothing to me. nothing. - what about brett? - nothing. - muffy? - nothing. - stacey? - nothing. - conchita? - nothing. then at last, my love, i can truly believe it really is me
went looking this week to remind myself of all that i enjoyed so much over the years. i don't own charming. spotify is a great service, no. >> yeah. >> so sometimes the way the distribution of the music happens this days and actions of a, quote, record business that we used to know one, there are obstacles to people getting assess to all of your stuff. >> spotify disability pay artists money. >> and you have a beef with them. >> i couldn't not have a beef with them. >> you've been vocal about this subject if recent years. >> i think it should be voluntary to give pay way stuff and to give away a single as a proproa promotional device becae they it costs a lot of money to make a record. it seems againstmy interests to give it to an entity that then people can get it for free. that seems crazy. i understand before you buy a record you would like to hear some of it. it's streaming all over the place. it's not hard to hear a lot of the record before you buy it. >> if you want to hear something there are places to go. >> yeah, it's pretty easy. >> right. >> i really just can't bring my
. sad to say some measures don't really care that deceit was used in passing the affordable healthcare law. i shook my head yesterday reading the "new york times" editorializing that president obama misspoke about the new law. misspoke? a dozen times? even last week he continued to misspeak. the media that desperately wants universal healthcare paid for by the healthy and working americans continues to down play the problems it is becoming quite clear that many working americans will pay more, in some cases a lot more for their healthcare insurance because co-pays and deductibles are going up. but that isn't the worst part of the new law. nor is the computer chaos. the truth is that your doctor, the person you trust may not be available to you. writing in the "wall street journal" today, edie littlefield sunday who lives in california and fighting gallbladder cancer says she may not be able to see the oncologist who has kept her alive. she writes, quote: what's happened to the president's promise you can keep your health plan? thanks to the law i have been forced to give up a world cl
. call a spade a spade he said. >> i don't recall significant discussions around some of the verbiage around this to be 100 percent honest with you. >> do you believe it was a wrong move? >> certainly. >> ron barn yea call it had a singing indictment of the obama practices that led to it. he said incompetence and deception doomed the launch of the affordable care act as long as the president sticks with the team that failed the country and lied it is fair to assume he hasn't learned the most basic lessons from the launch. this week end fraught page story of the wall street journal on saturday and "washington post" on sunday it became quite clear, they didn't even try to de p fend it, politics instructs policy in the lead out and roll up. >> politics trump. i spent the whole weekend wall street journal "washington post" i read a lot of stuff. forbes. >> i was consuming everything i could possibly consume. two things became clear. this is obama's statement. he wanted the web site up and running. it was going to be his shining moment his shining accomplishment. that was it politics over
don't want anybody to interpret that in our report. >> maybe it's a question for one of the agencies. since we did hear from parks and recreation that they will be kicking people out of the park. if we have 50-400. if i can ask somebody from the city agency, where are these people going to go? are they going to be camping out on the street, maybe district 5? >> i just want to first underscore that the civil grand jury were very compassionate about helping people and i think that is their motivation. one of the things that came out of this process and dialogue was that those of you here at the board supported, which enabled us to open transitional housing managed by communitying housing partnership working with transition youth agencies. this is 374 fifth street, the mayor put $400,000 and this leadership here this morning added $300,000. as you can imagine for many young adults going to the shelters is not what they are often willing to do. if we put this -- them in the sro's they are not successful at putting them in there. if they are put in housing they are going to end up in a
protection. gloves, eye protection, and masks and sanitation and hand washing and who among us don't have a nick or a cut on their hand and are you going to touch someone's blood and your in tac skin will protect you from most ilknows. however, if you have a cut on your hand you have a path for infection to get inside of you and you want a pair of latex gloves -- several pairs of glo gloves that you can put on and change as you go from patient t patient hopefully and at least wash your hands and disinfect your hands between patient contacts and the eyes are like an open wound and path to get into your body and glasses and take the old glasses and throw them in your kit and you have something to wear and face mask and of course dust and dirt and all of these disasters throw up dust and dirt and especially in a dryer season and push comes t shove a band da bandana. and after a disaster is not the time to let your hygiene slip and it's a time to tighten it u and communitycable diseases and if it's wet and not yours don't touch it. gloves and every patient contac and don't touch blood and it'
a dialysis patient. and i am out-patient and i don't know about money or politics, but you see when i came out there to the institution, i am on dialysis. and now, if if i was at the hospital and if ied to go to the other hospital i would never make it because they don't take our patient person. but the general hospital took me and i do all of my services there and i go to the room clinic and i go to the therapy because for my legs, so i can get up and walk one day and so, everything that i do is inside of a hospital. and they treat me well, and you know, and they make me friendly, and they are friendly to me because they understand the situation, that i came out of. and if it wasn't for them, who knows, i probably would be tore up, so please don't move. that is all that i got to say. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> my name is (inaudible) and i am 13 years old and i am here to support my dad for dialysis at general hospital. >> hello my name is george and i would like to say that i started dialysis when i was 32, real young. bo
we said. he wasn't a liar back then, i don't think. he may have been told that. maybe he honestly was told by his people's handlers you're not going to be thrown off. >> disagree. >> maybe he was. give him the benefit of the doubt. up until he realized what's going on, he may not have lied. he looked to this group and said, i said you can keep it if things don't change and if. last night the president is a liar last night. >> i disagree. he's not lying. he's footnoting. footnoting is common. he does this with michelle. michelle, i quit smoking. cigarettes. i do it all the time. obama loves to campaign. he's not big on leading. what happens when you campaign a lot is, your words are weightless. in a way he's like a talk show host who can keep talking and talking and talking and realize that there is never any action committed to what we are doing as the talk show host. however, he is president. he is not a talk show host. therefore, his words have consequence. they have action. he doesn't realize that. he thinks in a way what he is doing right now is beneath him. there is another j
for someone else's words. i don't know why he won't and doesn't admit that they took the words and took credit. this is something you learn in high school. why not remember the ruls and follow them. if you don't set up the words as borrowed, you're taking credit for them yourselves. that's unacceptable. david corn of mother jones and josh is founder of talking points memo. let's get to the evidence that senator paul has plagiarized. this book, "government bullies" complete with paul's picture and name on the top contains a large section lifted verbatim from a heritage foundation report. the copied second, 1318 words, is by far the most significant instance reported so far of paul borrowing language from other published material. well, the website buzzfeed went on to say there is a link to the heritage report in the back of his book but did not say the words were a direct lift. from page 132 of his book, quote, this prosecution also reveals the risks of federalizing criminal law. observers have long warned against allowing the federal government to encroach on the traditional state function of
disagree with that? >> no, no, i don't disagree wit. i'm not so sure i would go so far that they were tainted, i'm just not crying real hard for them in my beer. melissa: yeah. >> these nice may be very well talent and what they do and bunch of them left to go to millennium. steve cohen is lot of things. he was smart enough to surround himself with people that are very, very bright. they didn't make that much money for being stupid. melissa: james what do you think. >> i will not cry for them either but this may be interpreted as sad commentary on wall street -- melissa: why is this not a sad commentary on wall street? at love folks out there say this firm has been very suspicious for a long time. they were trading ahead of the street. they were too good. made too much money. all the talk on the street for years and years it was dirty money. >> you have to give people their presumption of innocence and you need to keep it in per speck. they had six people convicted of six people of insider trading. there is a firm of about a thousand people. this is not entirely clear a firm-wide prob
, take credit for someone else's words. i don't know why he won't and doesn't admit that they took the words and took credit. this is something you learn in high school. why not remember the rules and follow them. if you don't set up the words as borrowed, you're taking credit for them yourselves. that's unacceptable. david corn of mother jones and josh marshall is founder of talking points memo. let's get to the evidence that senator paul has plagiarized. this book, "government bullies" complete with paul's picture and name on the top contains a large section lifted verbatim from a heritage foundation report. the copied second, 1318 words, is by far the most significant instance reported so far of paul borrowing language from other published material. well, the website buzzfeed went on to say there is a link to the heritage report in the back of his book but did not say the words were a direct lift. from page 132 of his book, quote, this prosecution also reveals the risks of federalizing criminal law. observers have long warned against allowing the federal government to encroach o
the nordstrom store but again we don't know exactly what happened here, why that gunman would have done this. so lots to figure out here. >> thank you for that. abc will stay on the story overnight and have the latest on "good morning america." >>> we turn now to a poison that some say packs a powerful medicinal punch. scorpion venom. some people claim it fights everything from impotence to cancer. lush forests of the dominican republic are crawling with these creatures. and that's where abc's matt gutman reports from tonight. >> reporter: turn on the black light and see if they are here. look at this. >> oh my god. >> reporter: to most of us, these scorpions, best hunted in the jungle of darkness, is the stuff of nightmares. but now they are also being touted as the stuff of salvation. everything from battling auto immune diseases and enhancing your love life. and the most extraordinary claim of all, a new weapon in the fight against cancer. and the sole active ingredient is skittering at our feet. the venom packed in the scorpion's stinger. >> i have seen people getting well immediately. >> re
vale nada. ¿usted sabÍa que el aire no vale nada? >> sÍ. ¿y don ramÓn? >> tampoco. >> quiero saber si don ramÓn estÁ en su casa. >> ¿de parte de quiÉn? >> ¿estÁ o no esta? >> no, no estÁ, don ramÓn salio a la calle a buscar trabajo. >> estÁ bien, cuando regrese ¿quÉ? ¿quÉ saliÓ a quÉ? >> a la calle a buscar trabajo. >> ¿a la calle a quÉ? >> a buscar trabajo. >> ¿a buscar quÉ? >> a buscar ay! no sea menso. >> es que yo no puedo concebir. >> claro que no, porque nada mÁs las mamas. >> porque usted estÁ gordito, pero es distinto. >> lo que quiero decir es que no me puedo imaginar a don ramÓn buscando trabajo. >> yo tampoco. >> ah, ya decÍa yo. vean estos niÑos, esta es la imagen de un hombre que ha caÍdo hasta lo mÁs bajo. ¿no es asÍ don ramÓn? >> sÍ. >> ¿saben por quÉ? porque no pudo conseguir trabajo. >> al contrario porque sÍ pude conseguir. ♪. did you know that if you enroll in a medicare part d plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy, you could save up to 80% on your co-pays over other pharmacies? this could lower your prescription co-
happens. they don't like to city people of coo color in front of their houses and they call the police and the police come and they have to respond and they take the people to jail. it's a brutal situation right now even toted to the extent whe the city has sweeps going on every morning at 4:30 am accompany the by duw trucks who are spragu spraying people down from the middle of the night. check out my website. it says welcome to the jungle the largest homeless camp is right in the heart of silicon valley. you have yahoo and larry page he is home and the silicon jungle. >> i'm afraid that the rising rent costs are going to drive people out to the suburbs and here we have a residential of the bay area. it's joey. >> my name is joey and 93 years ago my great grandfather moved from i had lee an i italy and he started a del drestaurant here and it's been going for 93 years and my father got into the business and as of this year under i unfortunately it went under. my father has been out of work since then and it's been hard on my family. >> mari maria let's talk about the longterm effects
people, gee, you can't have that health insurance plan you don't want. now there's someone running in my distinct in virginia for the house of delegates. she's decided, well, doctors probably will have to be forced to accept medicaid patients because that will be necessary to make the system work. and i think people are seeing the kind of intrusiveness and coerciveness as well as the wastefulness of it and saying no way. >> and losing your doctor. i put it bluntly. the liberal entitlement state dream is crumbling before our eyes. okay? that's the way i look at it. and ari, i'll take it to you because i think as bill kristol suggested, i think this has tremendous political ramifications that even obama may not yet fully understand. >> well, we could test some of those tomorrow. virginia is a race where you've had republicans try to run on obama care. it's a state that's traditionally leaned to the right. but i think the democrats are looking very strongly in there. we'll see what happens. in new jersey, chris christie is seen as a moderate by some, and he has participated in aspects of th
what this means for their constituents, but they don't want it to succeed mainly because it is anish if the of president obama. >> rose: we conclude this evening with james toback, he is the director of a new films called "seduced and abandoned". >> and seduce is, what "seduced and abandoned" is about more than movies and money and glamor is about death and as sam jewel johnson said at the beginning of the graphic of the movie nobody is willing to live until he accepts his own mortality. and i ask everybody in the movie, i am not going to ruin it by saying what they say, american the movie i spring it on in the last ten minutes are you ready to die? >> rose: nancy pelosi and james toback when we continue. funding for charlie rose was provided by the following. >> captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. > we did not work very hard, and many of us dedicate our public service to a red site, it was to, to a web site it was anish if the for affordable healthcare for all americans as a right not a privilege and that is what this
before january first, 2008 and state law permits. i am not a fire experts, so i don't know if sprinklers are needed or not. but, i want to point out, that if sprinklers are needed the last page of the survey which i left at home but i will forward to you says that there be a recommendation for wave and provision if the specific provision of the code would result in unreasonable hardship on fat celebrity. and even if a waiver was impossible and the sprinklers were required and the cost of those sprinklers would be less than ten years of shuttle service. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> >> i would like to begin by thanking you particularly for holding this hearing and giving us the opportunity to speak and we appreciate it. >> my name is crystal and i am lucky enough to be the lead organizer for ask me 3299 in san francisco and behind me are lucky people who will introduce themselves. i say lucky because being a union rep it the best job that there is because we get to see people take care of each other every day and i have heard, over the years literally,
on this, even with friends you can't always agree 100 percent of the time. i don't think this law is an appropriate tool to do the job. i have serious concerns about the legislation that will prevent me from being able to support it today. i have six fundamental problems with this. my first concern is the impact that this could have on our neighborhoods. according to the department of human services, agencies, the 2013 homeless count shows that there is 7350 homeless adults in san francisco. that leaves approximately 6,000 people that have no we are though sleep. as a supervisor it would be irresponsible for me not to think about that this and to not consider what would happen if these people wind up sleeping on the door steps. that would be worse for the neighborhoods and the homeless. of course, that assumes that this ordinance or the existing ones like it can be effectively enforced. which leads to my second concern. >> excuse me. if i can ask folks to respect the holding of signs. it is an issue with safety. >> take a look at that time existing park code. camping in a tenant
. >> that is perfect. >> so don't go away everybody. when we come back, we're going to play a game with seth. a game of celebrity. except for it's the "dads" edition. you don't want to miss it. keep it here. [ applause ] applause ] [ applause ] >>> okay. we're back. seth green is still here. we're going to play celebrity the dads edition. seth, i'm going to show you pictures of celebrities and you have to describe them without saying the name directly. whoever guesses the most is the winner. >>> uh-oh. >> i go first, right? 45 seconds on the clock. >> go. he's an actor. he was in dazed and confused and mud. southern guy. handsome, chiseled body, works ouon the beach all the time. >> his birthday was the other week. married to camilla. >> i don't know who anybody is married to. he's rapper. started with -- >> snoop. >> yes. married to angelina jolie. >> brad pitt. >> i got it. >> one of my favorite actor comedians, beverly hills cop. >> eddie murphy. >> right. >> the singer did la vida loca and she bang. >> ricky martin. >> iot that under time. >> do it? >> i got four. and now i describe to you. >> n
brazen, that never happens, these things usually go in a vault and don't leak. one thing that is perhaps more important as chris christie moves forward and thinks about running, there are more important things such as the justice department investigation. he locatbblobbyed for a securit firm. one interesting nugget in the book, the romney campaign apparently referred to the vice presidential search process which was top secret as "project gold fish," and christie's nickname was puffer fish. they had a variety of names, fish consin, for wisconsin. i should say, though, piers, a number of people from both parties are casting doubt on the situation. i talked to beth myers, she for one said she never heard of project gold fish or any of these nicknames, so that is just one person starting to poke holes in some of the accounts. >> we know that according to the book, chris christie called mitt romney at one stage, when newt gingrich won big in the primary. he said get out of your crouch and kick the [ bleep ] out of this guy. that is what you should do, he is a joke and you're allowing him to
look at the history of you le iii prosecutions, will see that they don't take nearly as long as those that military system. which is not to say some cases should not be brought in the indicated stem as i on the day i announced the determination. we heard some to the military commission process. you look at the hundreds of cases that you brought to the article iii courts, we've shown that we can effective. we can do them relatively quickly and we can get the results that are consistent with facts. we hold people accountable. we hold people accountable. >> tried to construct the case we'll be ablethat at a share as much information -- not just make an much cement, but share as information as we can with regard to that determination. >> one more? >> one more. prison ate hearing on reform? what would you like to see congress pass to change the way operates?ystem >> i talked about that in a peech in san francisco in august. august. broken.he system was didn't just mean the federal system. we immediate the deal with criminal have in the system. deal with deficits. release ple better and th
lee. see you tomorrow at 5:00. don't go go anywhere. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. >>> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm trying to save you a little money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you. so call me 1-800-743-cnbc. where can we find the best growth right here right now? isn't that the be all and end all behind so much of we're looking for in the stock market? including today when the dow sank 21 points. nasdaq advancedn .08%. it doesn't matter where we find growth. we always love it when we see it. tonight we hear from regeneron, not only has drugs that are making fortunes for shareholders right now, it also has drugs in the pipeline that could keep that growth going for many years to come. game changing medicines that are disrupting the market and crushing the competition. incl
. >> you don't need to be beholden. >> rose: to those 17. >> or to the 30 or 40 as they say. but as it turns out it was more like 100 -- well it was exactly 144 republicans who voted to not to end the shutdown, to keep the government shut down, and to default on the full faith and credit. so this 30 or 40 that are tail wagging the dog are more like a big tail wagging the dog or a big dog. >> rose: so there is this question. yes and they made a mistake, but some people will argue republicans made a big mistake in the shutdown and even tying it to obamacare or affordable care act of 2010, because if they had not shut down the government and had the focus on the shutdown of the government they would not be reaping the benefits of what seems to be a very strong and growing impression that the affordable care act was not ready for prime time. >> well -- >> rose: not just the web site, but the whole thing. and what the president promised and couldn't deliver. >> well, two points here. first of all, they did what they believed. they do not -- they are anti-government idea logs so s
, and if you have an incident number that would be nice. who is the safety person? we don't want to send people out, just hey, go do this. we want to keep track of it. if they don't come back within a couple hours we have to send somebody to find them or at least checkup on them. if we don't know where they went and who they are, you have chaos. they might be hurt and they're going to stay hurt. we're going to roll on to disaster psychology. what does that mean? when people go through a disaster, their lives are wrecked. i saw this firsthand, i went down to help out with katrina thing in september. it's weird. because you are dealing with people that lost everything and it's kind of hard to imagine that if you haven't done it yourself. basically, you know, she's looking at her curtains here, she probably hand-stitched those things. maybe they have been hanging there the last 5 or 6 years. everything in the house is wrecked, photos, keepsakes, it's a tough thing. and people deal with this kind of stress in different ways. we as disaster workers, we see it all the time. but we have a word we use,
as there will be those modifications so long as they don't impact the entire integrity of the community it should be approved. we can't have the staff say living in a period house means we're living in a graveyard and if i make the rules two stringent that's what's going to happen. use common sense and in this level it's a blind wall and if modifications are necessary we can do that that's quoted to the view but the rest of it makes no sense. again, i believe we're lucky to have wealthy investigators and that's making the western addition the desired place in this community. you'll want to give the homeowner and the architect and the developer actually an award. thank you >> thank you. any other member of the public wish to speak. seeing none, we'll bring it back to commission. i - and and work was done with changes to the permit that were done previously, i have no sympathies for not being able to do the typical process and get their appropriateness revised. this was only four pages long and the drawings that went with it are easy to read package. they were nothing like the package we have here
, but the public library and don't give money to the friends of the library and i do have a graphic display and i hope that you know that on september 19, the california fair political practices commissioner in sacramento found that the city librarian was guilty of three years of violations for further report of gifts and these are laws that are designed to represent those in the public from representing the interest of those who give them money instead. and in order for the society to protect itself, the city library had to sign, every other year under penalty of perjury that he attended ethics trainings on reporting gifts and in order for this society to protect itself, the city has to sign that he has taken training and after that he has signed the perjury that he had nothing to report, while he was receiving $65,000 per year, from the friends of the library. and these statements under the penalty of perjury had no effect on inducing the city library from making the required disclosures, the reason for the signature under the penalty of pergry is to make every violation willful and to create t
to convince m or her? >> i believe that and they don't believe me neither. >> kirk: eric's twin brother derek has caught donna flirting at the club and is tired of her lice and wants his brother to leave her once and for all. welcome derek to the show. [applause] >> don't want to hear it. >> how are you doing. >> i've seen you several times at the club withuys >> first of all, you already know how you lie. if i was in the club with somebody you would have been in my face. you are not going to be doing my brother like this so don't try to lie like somebody was in a club doing this. he everybody say if i was in there cheating hwould be in my face. >> my brother i'm tired of him being hurt about this situation about -- >> come on, man. >> or how you he found letters and that stuff and i told him he is so hurt. he is saying because he is [inaudible] [all talking at once] [inaudible] >> you nerve seen me. >> you won't go visit him? >> because i'm going to go visit i never said nothing about going to visit him. he asked me for my address like i told you. >> why would you visit somebody that you don
in december because we don't have a second one? >> that would be correct. >> directors, anybody else. brinkman. >> i wanted to add to the pilot program. i've ridden that bus six or seven times and everyone in the neighborhood finds it to be a huge improvement. i don't know if its reduced the over crowding on the limited, but it helped a lot -- excuse me, reduced the over crowding on the local. so it's interesting to see -- i have a feeling we're getting new riders with with that new line. people are choosing to take it and before i'm not sure what they were doing. so far i think it's working well. >> thank you. >> okay. members of the public. >> other directors. >> on matters that were discussed by mr. reiskin and peter. >> one thing i was just wondering about, what priority has been given to public transportation. now, i'm very glad that you've gotten new additions to the fleet. this is good, but at the same time there has to be a net addition to the fleet. you cannot a zero sum amount of buses. the growing population in this city and buses are needed. this has to be part of the mt
. with the continuously rising labor costs. the future of china co company is still far from optimistic. don't go and get on that money matters what time the housing for rich people station. pregnant on our marriage and the road to two dollars to the average chinese worker. with the help of the many cities have shot up and stayed that way because wealthy people have been buying of multiple home one could assume the house worker in the housing bubble and is about the pot. how the appreciation of the room for debate after securing demand for houses have looked to be. especially goes for sticking with a population of chinese residents are millions of millions of people either so many people who can afford houses in the big city. the people of china have expressed frustration. he met and places of group discussion with the chinese social media network with oil the government took notice and make wishes to offer housing. according to data provided by kathleen property agent at the end of october this year more than seventy three thousand houses in beijing were predicting two dollars and thirteen the total val
and furious. i don't care what it is, nobody in this administration will ever take on the responsibility and the accountability. she's not done the job. >> let me ask you how you feel about this. jay carney, the spokesperson for the president just had a briefing. apparently he was asked about when in fact this website will be fully functioning. remember, they gave out firm dates, did they not? they were going to give us numbers by november 15th and by the end of this month the site was going to be fully operational. now todayit will be operational by the end of this month for the vast majority. what do you make of that? >> maybe after christmas by the time we finally know. that's not a very good christmas present. i don't -- jay carney is doing the best he can under difficult circumstances. quite frankly, i don't have -- i don't think he has any voracity anymore. we're waiting until november 15th. we'll see. when that happens and it doesn't happen, then we know it'll be put off again. in the meantime, the thing to remember is that more people are losing their insurance than are signing u
as it's getting darker earlier, as we move toward the dinnertime hours. don? >>> cold enough you may be reaching for the car heater. here's sharon. >> going -- good morning. i spoke too soon about no problems on the roads. we have two. one an accident in rosedale. just getting word of the one on golden rink. another at 29 at johns hopkins road if you're headed out on any of the major roadways speeds still looking good though overall. 55 as your average on the top and west side. 56 and 55 on 95 southbound. that is a look at the top side at harford road. there was a look at the west side at exit 17. now wjz has the stories people are talking about. here's don. >>> we continue to follow the big breaking news from overnight. the search for a man who opened fire inside a huge mall in new jersey has come to an end. he's been found and has taken his own life. here's jericka duncan with the latest for wjz. >> reporter: swat team members stormed the garden state plaza mall in paramus, new jersey. a gunman opened fire just before closing time. police have identified the suspect as richard s
suggesting a bicycle sharing station likewise you could like somebody's dot and so that graphic which i don't have is not that elluminating itself but using advanced mapping software we were able to produce a heat map of where the density of the requests and other people's likes were the highest and it was interesting what the results were again confirms a lot of our earlier work and this decision to move into the mission and upper market. i'll zoom in on this for you too so you can see a little better. so the area in the upper right is our initial service area and the others -- there's various expansion scenarios that we've been looking at but the area circled in white is indeed the mission valencia corridor and you see along upper market also the castro and noe valley and there's a hire density of red and yellow heat mapping than in soma so if you are just prioritizing perhaps to make sense to go there later when you have the extra stations. our immediate expansion is not that big 15 stations and we also have additional funding so we'll try to get as many additional stations we can. fiv
their base or ill ineighting it? >> after four years of me, if they don't know me, they haven't been paying attention? >>> and what does it mean in virginia? on the left, van jones, on the right, newt gingrich. in the crossfire. what message are the voters sending today? and who will listen? tonight on crossfire. >>> welcome to crossfire. i'm van jones on the left. >> i'm newt gingrich on the right. in the crossfire, we're just a full half hour from the closings of the polls on election night. if the pre-election polling turns out to be accurate, there will be two big winners tonight, chris christi and hillary clinton. the fact is the democrats who might win in new york and virginia certainly seem to be ahead, are boast allies of hillary clinton. i think she may have as big a night as chris christi. >> i think that's possibly true. and i think if chris christi has a big night, he should enjoy it because my view is, this is his high watermark. i am happy to have people to help us. in the crossfire, donna brazil along with john bray bender. i want to go to you. you were santorum's guy. are th
the scene and let the merchants get back in and prepare it for reopening. we don't know yet about tomorrow. all of this, of course, coming on the cusp of the holiday season. guys. >> and after kenya and everybody was worried about the mall, the lone guy in the mall is everybody's biggest fear, obviously. and -- >> yeah. they may say they don't know how the guns got in -- >> yeah, i don't see any way of stopping it if someone wants to bring a -- you know, it's a free country. that's one of the downsides to being in the united states, i guess, is that -- >> yeah. that's -- >> down side to freedom. >> that said, joe, we talked to security officials after the kenya attack, you'll remember. and a lot of them said that the perimeter is supposed to be well out into the parking lot. but they're supposed to be looking for people who are coming in, looking for people exhibiting any signs. and, clearly, if this gun was not concealed, there will be questions about where they didn't catch it. because it's not just once you get into the doors of the mall, it's the parking lot and actually beyond that. >
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